The phrases I chose, which I thought were relevant to my website, were:

‘Public Relations’, ‘PR’, ‘Public Relations Cork’, ‘PR Cork’, ‘Public Relations Graduate Cork’, ‘PR Graduate Cork’, ‘Public Relations and New Media Graduate Cork’, ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Digital Marketing Cork’, ‘Public Relations and New Media Masters’, ‘Event Management’, ‘Event Management Cork’, ‘PR Masters Cork’, ‘PR and New Media Masters Cork’.

I then found out the search volume of each of these phrases.


As you can see above, six phrases had a search volume worth anything.

Digital Marketing: I am very interested in digital marketing. Good knowledge in digital marketing is essential if you want to have a career in PR or event management.

Event Management: I am also very interested in event management and this is the career path I would really like to go down in the near future. This is why I am choosing Event Management as the most relevant phrase for my website.