Digital Brand Marketing

Doreen O’Mahony, the digital brand manager for Laya Healthcare, came to give us a talk one evening. She was very interesting. She fully admitted that she learned everything about her job while on the job. Learn as you go. This was interesting as it proved that this type of job is relatively new and there isn’t a set of exact instructions for it.

According to Doreen, Facebook is the norm. This means that social media strategies are the norm and are highly important for any organisation who want to be seen. One of the most important things about having an online presence, however, is you must know your tone of voice. Know your audience, know what they want and develop content with an online personality which suits.

People are buying from their phones more and more often these days, be it clothes, furniture or even health insurance. That is why analytics is so important. Laya Healthcare was the first insurance crowd who were mobile responsive in 2014. It is key to have an user-friendly website as well as a phone-responsive app. People want things to be as easy as a touch of a button. Put effort into your online service and your customers will respond and sales will improve.

It is very important that you try out the interface before you launch it. Put in the hard work beforehand. Think about what the customers want and make it easy to navigate. Do trials on your new website and app and tweak them constantly until they are the most user-friendly they can be. It will pay off. When you improve user experience, you improve member experience.

Another great point I learned from Doreen was That you need to know and review how customers will buy and not put all the emphasis on how you, the organisation, wants to sell.

There are many other organisations who are excelling online, just like Laya Healthcare. Asos is a British online retail store for clothes and accessories. The persona who use Asos are fashion conscious, so naturally the voice of the website should be one who is fashion and trend aware. Not only do they display photos of the clothes in different angles, they also have a “catwalk” option so the potential buyer can view the garment in action. This is great use of imagery and video to help sell. Asos also make great use of Instagram by posting photos of their own stylists who are put to the test to use the garment in a street style effect. These stylists act as brand lifestyle ambassadors. Some of the hired stylists are already fashion bloggers which means an even bigger following. Asos then use a mix of these images from the stylists, images of new trends and accessories as well as photos of stuff that target persona buyers would like.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.20.49.png


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