The Rise in Popularity of Live Streaming Events

Recently live streaming has gained in popularity, especially among those in event management, because today’s social media audiences want authenticity, immediacy and and relevance. With live streaming, the footage is happening there and then and the audience knows that there are no post-production edits or multiple takes. Therefore the footage is more trustworthy.

For the organisations using the live streaming, the video content can help build new and meaningful relationships with their audiences giving them access to the inside works of their company. This could include videoing special events, capturing company culture, showing the production processes that only insiders get to experience. Live streaming this information helps the organisation to share these moments with their consumers and with the added bonus of being able to comment and react to the video content live, the consumers feel engaged and included.

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There are many pros and cons to live streaming video content. A major plus to live streaming is the affordability. All you need is a smartphone, the app and a connection to wifi. With 70% of people in Ireland owning a smartphone and 82% of people with a wifi connection in their homes, and also that these live streaming apps are free, it is safe to say that almost everyone can take part in live streaming video content without much of a hassle. Using the same statistics as well as the 1.8 million Facebook users in Ireland, you could say that live streams will reach a very large audience almost instantly. These apps are also very easy to use, making them accessible to everyone. Even though the sound and video quality can be quite low, because of the immediacy and relevance I don’t think this affects the audience as they are viewing it. Another worry about the live streaming is the concern on the battery life of your phone. However, if you make sure your phone is fully charged it should not be a problem. One of the best assets the live streaming apps have, in my own opinion, is the fact that the viewers can comment and react to the video in real time. This engagement is fantastic in building a relationship between the organisation and the audience.


Other Voices 2016 have used Periscope on Twitter to live stream live gigs throughout their festival. Music fans in Ireland and abroad who would love to make it to the festival but couldn’t make it get to experience snippets of the gig and feel like they haven’t missed out fully on the experience. I am a music fan and getting to watch Glen Hansard sing a tribute to Leonard Cohen in the small church setting in Dingle while sitting in my own bedroom in Cork is a wonderful feeling. It made me feel I was in the moment of the festival, it made me feel like Other Voices (a programme I have been a big fan of since my teens) hasn’t forgotten about me and I also felt like Other Voices are more a trustworthy and friendly organisation because they allowed this footage to be shared among the masses of Twitter.



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