Hello and welcome…


As you read this right now, you may not realise that this is the art of public relations. Me communicating with you by means of this blog and how I portray myself here is the craft of public relations.

My name is Holly Ní Ghráda and I am currently studying a Masters in PR and New Media in CIT.

Before now, I worked in media production, predominantly Irish language television and after physically furthering my horizons by travelling to South America, for 7 months, I wanted to further them personally, by pursuing a masters here at home. I have always been interested in communications, event management and working with people and PR was the perfect opportunity to perfect this interest.

I love music and photography and through voluntary work in a small local theatre and as a committee member of two Irish traditional music festivals based in Gaeltacht Mhuscraí I have actively pursued a place for myself in the arts. In the future I would love to find a profession which acknowledges this pursuit.

With the help of this website I hope to showcase my knowledge and experience in public relations and communications, introduce my vision as a professional and portray a vivid picture of myself, my abilities and my ambitions.

Feel free to browse my blog and get in contact with me if you share a common professional interest or simply to communicate.

Fáilte agus beir bua